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What are Action-cards?

  • Action-cards are physically robust cards that tell you what actions you should take in cases of drowning, cardiac arrest, concussion, heat stroke, bleeding, broken bones and other injuries.
  • Action-cards give you a quick overview of the actions your organisation expects you to make in these critical situations.
  • Action-cards are tailored to your business and will match the most serious and frequent critical events that your organisation encounters.

How Action-Cards create value for you and your organisation:


The most important thing about Action-cards is that they can help save lives.


In critical situations, people can rarely remember specific details about what actions they should take. Action-cards address this challenge by providing easy and clear access to the actions your organisation expects you to follow. This can help save lives and reduce injury.


Action-cards significantly reduce the number of decisions you need to consider in a critical situation.


Action-cards can eliminate or drastically minimise the doubt about the right decision, which can often arise in a critical situation.


With Action-cards, you and your organisation know that the correct actions are taken in the critical situation.


With Action-Cards, you and your organisation will save time and resources because your team will be well-prepared and working to a high level of safety, without extensive training requirements.


If a person is to be hospitalised, it is important for medical teams to be given precise information about what has happened, when it happened and what has already been done. Action-cards are designed to meet this need.


Action-cards provide the evidence that your organisation has taken the right actions at the right time in the critical incident. In a subsequent case processing of liability placement and compensation, Action-cards provide a unique instrument to prove that your organisation has taken the right actions at the right time.

“Action-cards – first response at your fingertips.”