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Medical Advisory Board

On this page you can read about the Action-cards® Medical Advisory Board.

The Action-cards® Medical Advisory Board assists the Action-cards® team with health-related content.

You can meet the management team behind Action-cards® here: Action-cards® management team.

Mikkel Sundstrup

Mikkel is a trained doctor who graduated from the University of Southern Denmark in 2010. He has worked as an orthopedic surgeon since 2011, primarily in trauma and emergency units. In addition, Mikkel teaches as visiting professor at the medical school for orthopedic surgery. Mikkel’s background also includes being a sanitary group leader in the Danish Defense Command, which consisted of hands-on experience with pre-hospital treatment and first aid.

Jacob Juul Jensen

Jacob is the Chief Physician of Emergency Medicine, as well as a former soldier and diver in the Royal Danish Navy. He served in the Middle East before attending medical school in 2007, which he completed as an MD in 2012. He was also the first Danish Medical Doctor to finish specialist training within Emergency Medicine.

Sunna G. Herrmann

Sunna is an intensive care nurse who specialises in neonatal and critical treatment of children up to the age of two years. Since 2011, she has worked with infant intensive care at Denmark's most prestigious specialised hospital, the National Hospital of Denmark, where she completed a number of courses in acute nursing and first aid, including European Pediatric Advanced Life Support (EPALS). Alongside Sunna's work as an intensive care nurse, she mentors and teaches other nurses in theory and practice, and develops teaching material in collaboration with professional experts in the field.

Harvey qualified as a doctor from Southampton University, UK in 2011. After working for 5 years in various hospitals in the south of England he moved to Australia to experience another healthcare system including working in rural Australia. His experience has led him into specialising as a General Practitioner in Western Australia.

Kim is a specialist in anesthesiology and a consultant at the Department of Anesthesia, Operation and Intensive Treatment at Herlev Hospital, Denmark. He is head counselor and function manager for the trauma section. He has extensive experience with traumatology, emergency medicine, cardiac arrest and pre-hospital treatment. Kim works as an emergency physician and TEMS doctor on the emergency ambulance in the Capital Region of Denmark. Kim is SSAI and CREM trained and he teaches at the TECC and AMLS courses. In addition, Kim has worked closely with the police and and is an author of several publications.

Paul Peterslund

Paul got his medical degree from the University of Southern Denmark in 2014. Since then, he has worked as a physician in intensive care medicine, anesthesia, infectious diseases, cardiology, emergency medicine, psychiatry and medicine in the developing world. He has experience with teaching doctors, nurses and laymen at SimC at Odense University Hosiptal in Denmark, and other similar institutions.

Ali received his degree as a medical doctor from the University of Copenhagen. For the past eight years, Ali has worked as a physician, primarily in cardiology and clinical physiology. Ali has written 20 publications in internationally recognised medical journals, and has, as principal investigator, conducted experimental and clinical studies with the aim to explain the physiological and pathophysiological mechanisms of blood pressure regulation in humans. Besides Ali's clinical work, he also teaches future medical doctors at Copenhagen University.