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Why Action-cards®?

On multiple occasions in my time as a lifeguard, I have been a part of saving someone’s life. However, I have also found myself in situations – fortunately, never as a lifeguard – where a child lost their life. I have thought a great deal about how I can be part of the solution so that fewer people are injured, and fewer lives are lost.

In my time at university, both as a student and a researcher, I focused primarily on how evidence and statistics can assist us in making better decisions. This led me to develop a tool, the statistical value chain, which helps the user produce a solid foundation of valid information. In my opinion, the best decisions are based on valid information.

Together with talented collaborators, I transferred all this research into Action-Cards®, where we support the person performing first aid in a critical situation. Simultaneously, we collect and analyze data in the hope of reducing accidents. This data gives us a more complete picture of where and how an accident occurred, and how it can be prevented in the future.

My goal with Action-cards® has been to create a tool that will help save lives. And if that’s the case, my mission will be complete.

Ivan T. Herrmann

On this page you can see the people who make up the team and management of Action-cards. Depending on the nature and scope of a given project, we can also draw on a number of talented employees. Overall, this ensures that you have a flexible, experienced and competitive team to work with. We are the same team that is behind the Copenhagen Risk & Safety Group:

We are always happy to discuss your situation, keeping a clear focus on your thoughts and needs, at no cost. Call us or write to us on the contact details below.

Ivan T. Herrmann
+45 2275 6975

Ivan has a strong background in the risk management discipline, with a degree in civil engineering and a Ph.D. in applied quantitative analysis methods - focused on uncertainties and risks in decision-making - from the Technical University of Denmark (DTU) and UC Berkeley in the United States. As part of Ivan's work at the university, he has published more than ten scientific articles. Ivan is frequently used as a peer reviewer for various scientific journals, including journals ranking in the top 100 worldwide. Ivan has a Diploma of Education (University level) from DTU and has been teaching for several years at the university. For eight years Ivan served as a surf lifeguard in various organisations in Denmark and has continually worked with these organisations to improve the quality of surf lifeguarding as a discipline. Ivan is a Visiting Associate Professor at the Emergency and Risk Management University College in Copenhagen where he is teaching quantitative methods.

Mads Stenfatt
Sales manager
+45 6199 6106

Mads holds a Graduate Diploma in Business Administration (Marketing Management) with emphasis on market segmentation and product pricing from Copenhagen Business School, earned while he worked as a business unit consultant for Hewlett-Packard. Mads has broad experience primarily in IT/telecommunications companies, working with product and price optimisation as well as resource and sales management. Mads specialises in helping sales organisations increase their bottom line results and prioritising how they should spend their time selling.

Anders has been employed by the Danish Forces since 1995, both in the Army and Navy, and has been on several international missions. Anders is now employed by the Defence Health Service, Center for Military physical training where he works with physical performance optimisation of Danish soldiers. In parallel, he is writing a Ph.D. in collaboration with the Department of Sport and nutrition at the University of Copenhagen. Through his service in the Danish Forces, Anders has been responsible for development of training materials and instructions for use in critical situations.

Christian R. Andersen

Christian has a background in the Danish Army, where he focused on tactical first aid and was deployed on an international mission. He completed his Bachelor's degree in Disaster and Risk Management, and has worked with a number of security companies in Denmark, participating in VIP protection and anti-terror solutions.

Sammy S. Rasmussen

Sammy is a professional ambulance first-responder (level 2) and is in the process of becoming a paramedic with Danish national standards. Sammy is also a trained firefighter and surf lifeguard and used to be an instructor for new lifeguards. Sammy is trained as a commercial diver and specialises in rescue diving. Through a private danish personal-protection firm, Sammy has also produced various security solutions, primarily for foreign VIP visits in Denmark.

We collaborate, among others, with:


We work with Cardiocare, which offers instructors professional and certified instructors for first aid training.



The Action-cards team wants to minimise preventable human and material damage, to the extent that loss of life or quality of life is not an inevitable outcome of critical incidents. At the same time, the team wishes to raise awareness of risk prevention and incident-response strategies.


Our mission is to help companies and organisations to minimise their risks and train relevant personnel to be action-oriented in critical situations, while taking the right actions in these situations.


For Action-cards General Terms we refer you to Copenhagen Risk & Safety Group’s Terms and Conditions – pdf.