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The ACT-pack contains everything you need to complete your independent micro-training with Action-cards® for confident first aid.

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ACT-pack is the ideal tool for first-aid instructors and Action-cards® ambassadors and for all companies and organizations that want a “plug-and-play” product to easily maintain a robust level of first aid and emergency preparedness.

With this ACT-pack, you get a complete package with station signs, scenarios, and Action-cards®, so that you and your company or organization can, at any time, micro-train independently to the extent you need.

This set contains

The ACT-pack is designed for a team of 15 people and contains:

  • 6 sets of Action-cards® for training purposes
  • Armbands for three teams with first rescuer, second rescuer, injured person, guest, and gamemaster
  • 30 different scenarios (such as broken leg or a burn)
  • 4 evaluation forms for each scenario
  • 8 station signs, so you can easily set up a track and find the different stations
  • Instructions in use for everyone, so you can quickly get started with the training
  • 1 specially designed sturdy transport box, so you can quickly and easily pack up the equipment.

ACT-pack is based on a general set of Action-cards®. For only USD +95 (ex VAT) we can tailor your ACT-pack to your industry.

More information

Remember! The more you train with your Action-cards® for confident first aid, the better you can perform the day you need it.

You can always reach us at contact@action-cards.com.

  • We help you practice using Action-cards® for confident first aid.
  • We tailor Action-cards® to fit your exact needs.

Or if you would like:

  • Participate in the Action-cards® user panel, which gives us valuable feedback on Action-cards® and supports us in developing the best Action-cards® for confident first aid. With your help, Action-cards® will be even better.


We deliver before the first day of the month if you order by the 15th of the month before!


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