On multiple occasions in my time as a lifeguard, I have been a part of saving someone’s life. However, I have also found myself in situations – fortunately, never as a lifeguard – where a child lost their life. I have thought a great deal about how I can be part of the solution so that fewer people are injured, and fewer lives are lost.

In my time at university, both as a student and a researcher, I focused primarily on how evidence and statistics can assist us in making better decisions. This led me to develop a tool, the statistical value chain*, which helps the user produce a solid foundation of valid information. In my opinion, the best decisions are based on valid information.

Together with talented collaborators, I transferred all this research into Action-cards®, where we support the person performing first aid in a critical situation. Simultaneously, we collect and analyze data in the hope of reducing accidents. This data gives us a more complete picture of where and how an accident occurred, and how it can be prevented in the future.

My goal with Action-cards® has been to create a tool that will help save lives. And, if that’s the case, my mission will be complete.

Ivan T. Herrmann

Founder of Action-cards® for confident first aid