Provide confident first aid with


Are for everyone who:
  • prioritizes safety.
  • wants help right at your fingertips.
  • wants to be able to to save lives.


Use Action-cards® to prepare yourself and your team for confident first aid and prepare for an accident.


Perform safe first aid if an accident occurs. Use Action-cards® as a support and guide to first aid.

Save life

Preparing and performing the correct first aid increasees the chance of saving lives with first aid.


By scanning the QR code on an Action-cards® after using it you collect data that helps prevent accidents and save lives.

What are Action-cards®:

  • Handy, step-by-step guides to help you perform confident first aid when it matters most.
  • Cards that are physically robust and can be used in all the critical situations you typically encounter.
  • Cards that give you a quick overview of the things you should do in a critical situation.
  • Cards that can be used both by private and corporate entities.

See examples of Action-cards®

Presentation video featuring Danish Gymnastics and Sports Associations (DGI) and Child Accident Prevention Foundation.

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