Action-cards® create value for you and your organisation:

You can order Action-cards® in our Danish online shop: Action-cards® shop. The shop will soon be available in English, too. If you need your Action-cards® in English, please contact us directly by using the form below or send us and email at and let us know which Action-cards® you need and how many you need.

We can help you with your first-aid course and training


Watch this brief introductory video with our chief instructor Kasper Nielsen about how we can assist you with training to become even better at handling critical situations:

Prevent and document with AC-analytics®

With AC-analytics®, we help you with accident registration and ensure that you get the most safety for your money:

We offer certification for your organization

With certification in the use of Action-cards® for safe first aid, you receive the following:

You can have your own customized Action-cards® tailored to your needs:

Action-cards® are trademarked.

It's about being well prepared

– with Action-cards®.

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