Action-cards® create value for you and your organisation:

  •  The most important thing about <strong>Action-cards</strong> is that they can help<strong> save lives</strong>
  • In critical situations, people have difficulty remembering specific details about how to respond. Action-cards address this challenge by providing easy and clear access to the actions your organisation expects you to follow. This can help save lives and reduce injury.
  • Action-cards® significantly reduce the number of decisions you need to consider in a critical situation.
  • Action-cards can eliminate or drastically minimise the doubt about the right decision, which can often arise in a critical situation.
  • With Action-cards, you and your organisation know that the correct actions are taken in the critical situation.
  • With Action-Cards, you and your organisation will save time and resources because your team will be well-prepared and working to a high level of safety, without extensive training requirements.
  • If a person is to be hospitalised, it is important for medical teams to be given precise information about what has happened, when it happened and what has already been done. Action-cards® are designed to meet this need.
  • Action-cards® provide the evidence that your organisation has taken the right actions at the right time in the critical incident. In a subsequent case processing of liability placement and compensation, Action-cards® provide a unique instrument to prove that your organisation has taken the right actions at the right time.

We offer a range of products and services in relation to your Action-cards:

  • We help you all the way through the process of developing, designing and printing your Action-cards.
  • We can tailor your training to suit your organisation’s most common incidents.
  • We provide advice on how your Action-cards® best fit your overall safety management system.
  • Find the Action-cards® that best suit your needs directly in our Action-cards® business webshop.
  • We have a strong partnership with Kønig & Partners law firm, which can assist in developing your internal policies to ensure they align with your Action-cards.
  • We always offer a free of charge meeting where we will discuss how you can get the most out of your Action-cards.

Our approach:

  • By default, we offer a visit to your company and a further two iterations for the development of your custom-designed Action-cards. When visiting your company, one of our consultants will discuss with you how Action-cards® will be relevant to your operations.
  • At the first iteration, a rough draft of Action-cards® content will be submitted to you. This will allow your company time to use them in the working environment and to identify any changes that need to be made. The Action-cards® team can then make the necessary adjustments and submit a new and refined draft to your business.
  • At the second and last iteration your company gives its further feedback which we will review and make the necessary changes again. Afterwards, the printed Action-cards® will be shipped to you.

Contact us here to get started with your professional Action-cards®

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