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What are Action-cards®:

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Use Action-cards® to prepare yourself for first aid – for example, while taking a first-aid course or by reading a card when you have a moment.


Perform safe first aid if an accident occurs. Use Action-cards® as a support and guide to first aid.

Save life

Preparing and performing the correct first aid increasees the chance of saving lives with first aid.


By scanning the QR code on an Action-card® after using it you collect data that helps prevent accidents and save lives.

Danish Parliament

Health Committee

I have no doubt that Action-cards® are a great support when you’re unsure about giving first aid. Just the fact that they’re visible at a swimming pool or a kindergarten class helps to sharpen our attention to keep our first-aid skills up to date.

Jane Heitmann (V)
Chairman of the Danish Parliament Health Committee

Danish Industry

Action-cards® have an immediate usability and accessibility that contributes to both prevention and preparation as well as efforts in connection with first aid. I therefore recommend having Action-cards® in workshops, factories, and similar places.

Michael Svane
CEO, Danish Industry (Transportation)