Childcare Centers

Copenhagen Municipality

In my daily work as a childcare-worker and manager at Gemmet, I feel safe knowing that we have Action-cards® for confident first-aid in all our rooms in case of an accident.

Merete Grave
Manager of Gemmet Childcare Center


Paté Paté

The cards were a simple way to equip our employees so they could become more confident handling the different first-aid scenarios they might face in the restaurant. The managers of our different restaurants received the cards well and the cards now function as part of the training for new waiters and chefs.

Natascha Høj
HR manager at Husted (Paté Paté)


Kønig Lawyers

We know that it’s extremely rare for accidents to happen in our office, but with Action-cards® we’re well-prepared if an accident should occur. We see Action-cards® as part of having a good and safe working environment. This also means that we can act on it if an employee or client becomes unwell.

Matti Taul Korpela
Partner Kønig Lawyers

Workshops and factories

Stabrand Spedition ApS

At Stabrand, we’re happy with our Action-cards® for confident first-aid. This gives us the security that we can do the right thing at the right time if an accident happens. It is also important for us that we can easily register if we’ve had an accident. We can use the registration of accidents for documentation and prevention of other accidents.

Rasmus Dahl
Partner, Stabrand Spedition ApS

Commercial Vehicles

Egå Træfældning

For me, Action-cards® are an important tool that I can use if an accident occurs. Action-cards® give me peace of mind.

Tom Behnke
Owner, Egå Gartner


When sailing at sea, professional help can be far away. Therefore, it gives me confidence that I have Action-cards® on my boat. I can read the Action-cards® before something happens and I can also use them if there’s an accident.

Stig Hoffland
Boat owner, Vedbæk Marina


For me, Action-cards® means that I can easily get the help I need if someone gets hurt in my home. It makes me feel safe.

Michelle Larsen,
Social and health-care assistant from Bagsværd, mother of three, married to Morten